Transportation in Istanbul


There are two types of passenger boats operated by Istanbul Municipality. One of them is the conventional and enjoyable but slow “vapur” and the other is the faster “deniz - otobüsü” (sea-bus).

1) Sea-Bus Schedule :

İç Hatlar: Internal lines
Dış Hatlar: Inter-city Lınes
Kalkis (Departure) : Write here your departure point
Varis (Arrival) : Write here your arrival point

You can get the same information from as well, with the difference that you have to know the name of your line here. Choose your line from the first box, and the schedule(timetable) will appear.
In the same page below you will find the phone numbers of various piers, and at the bottom you will find phone numbers of locations except piers where you can buy tickets.

NOTE : Karaköy and Kabatas are the closest piers to our hotel.

2) “Vapur” Schedule :
Choose the appropriate one from the list of lines in this page. For example, click
Sirkeciden Adalar –Yalova-Çinarcik'a Gidis ve Bostanci Adalar : Schedule to the Islands, Yalova and Çinarcik
Bogaziçi Özel Gezi Eminönü Kavaklar : Special Bosphorus Trip
Karakoy and Eminonu are the closest departure points to our hotel.

Please note that the schedules (timetables) in workdays and weekends/holidays are different. Weekends / holidays are denoted as “ Pazar ve Bayram Gunleri ”

Workdays are denoted as “ Is Günleri Yapilir”

“Kalkis” = “Departure”
“Varis” = “Arrival”

3) If the above links were not working, then go to and choose your departure/arrival point from the box to get the timetable you want.
In the same page you will find the phone numbers of various piers.
You can get the price lists at as well.
NOTE: Karaköy and Eminönü are the closest piers to us.


Which bus should you take ? Go to page

In the box “nereden” (from where) write your departure point
In the lower box “nereye” (to where) write your destination.

The list of buses that you can take will. In the boxes on the right you will find a list of the stops that these buses take.
For schedules (timetables), go to the site of IETT : and follow the instructions ( English version of the site)

Get detailed information of your bus at “Hat Numarasi”, if you know which bus you are taking.

NOTE: The nearest stop to our hotel is “Tepebasi”, just across the lights. All the buses that pass here (Tepebasi) either has taken off or will arrive at “Taksim Square”. Taksim Square is a junction point for many buses.


This is an online project of municipality :

In the coming screen you choose your departure point “kalkis yeri” and arrival point “varis yeri” and when you click “göster” you get a screen with alternatives to get to your destination. You can choose one or more of these following alternatives :

IETT Otobüsleri : Buses
Vapur : Boat
Deniz Otobüsü : Boat
Banliyö : Train

In the resulting page, a list of lines appear. Next to the lines you will read
“hareket saatleri” : “schedule” (timetable)
“hat göster” : “detailed map”
In the coming map, each stop is shown seperately.
On the main page ( ) you can also search for addresses either by clicking on the map or by writing into the boxes on the right the following:

Cadde sokak : street address
Mahalle : the name of the area if you know it
Ilçe : choose the name of the district from the list


Get detailed information for metro, light rail, tramway at :