In Turkey, as a country teeming with heritages of Mouslim , Christian and Jewish religions, much more than any other place in the world, we have started to organize tours of faith as atravelling agency specialized extensively in this particular field of tourism when the second millenium is two years ahead of us.
Each year thousands of people discover that Turkey is the home of legends and history taught in clşassrooms the world over. Visit the legendary Troy of Homer's 'Illiad', exotic Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Travel to the reputed landing place of Noah's Ark or Garden of Eden. Or the place where Mark Antony and Cleopatra met and Married, Saint Clause lived, Home of Virgin Mary, Seven Churches mentioned in the testament are located.
Travel along the Old Silk Road of Marco Polo, Sail the in comparable turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and sample food fit for a Sultan. And do it all in style and comfort. Modern, sophisticated resorts and casinos are plentiful.
These things are here to be shared in a a way that only the Turkish people can. The people of Turkey are as varied as their landscape, from black hair to red. from brown eyes to blue; all combine to make Turkey unique. The one thing that is uniform throughoutthis fascinating country is the hospitality of its people.
We hereby assure you that as devouted visitors of any of the aforesaid religions, you will be guided to so many sites of faith abounding within the borders of Turkey at a scale unparalled in any other parts of the world. During such cultivating and exiting tours, you will enjoy the opportunity of visiting many sites, each of which manifests unique features of heritages of different faiths.

Adana Adıyaman Aegean Sea
Ağrı Ahlat Akçakoca
Akşehir Alanya - Coracesium Amasya
Ankara Antalya Artvin
Aspendos - Perge - Side Atatürk Dam - Adıyaman Aydın
Aydın - Aphrodisias Bergama Black Sea
Bursa Çanakkale - Troy - Assos Çorum
Demre - Myra - Kale - Elmalı Denizli - Pamukkale Didyma - Didim
Diyarbakır Doğu Beyazıt Edirne
Ephesus Erzincan Erzurum
Eskişehir Fethiye Gaziantep
Gordion - Yassihoyuk Hacı Bektaş Hakkari
Harran Hatay - Antakya İpsala
Isparta İstanbul İzmir
İznik Kahramanmaraş Karaman
Kars Kas - Kalkan Kayseri - Bünyan
Konya Kütahya Lake Van
Malatya Mardin Mediterranean
Mersin Muğla - Bodrum Nevşehir - Cappadocia
Ordu - Rize Safranbolu Salt Lake
Şanlıurfa Sea of Marmarra Sinop
Sivas Tarsus Trabzon